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Our turtles - Caretta-Caretta

The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta ) is a representative of the sea turtle ( Cheloniidae ) which can get over a meter long and up to 150 kg weight.
To ensure the protection of sea turtles on Crete cares primarily the conservation organization Archelon ( www.archelon.gr ) .
In cooperation with the authorities are we committed to the conservation of these animals. You too can watch and help! Between June and August the females return to the beach ( where they were born ) and buried there at night their eggs. After about 55 days the young hatch and make their way to the sea. It is important that they make the way alone to find back later . Therefore, please do not intervene by carrying individual animals into the water.
You can help the breeding grounds (which are marked , see photo # 3 ) to be unaffected. Leave the beach clean! Debris irritates the newly hatched turtles and bring them off the path or even it will be mistaken for food.


Find more information here:
(text): www.kreta-umweltforum.de, pict 1 und 2: H. Eikamp
(pict 3): www.archelon.gr



Caretta Caretta Caretta